Monday, September 3, 2012



THE INDONESIAN ISLANDS HUNTER GROUPS (IIHG) consists of DXers who are interested in making contacts with amateur radio operators in different islands of Indonesia.
Membership of IIHG is free and is open to all interested amateur radio operators and SWL worldwide. There is no special requirements.
IIHG sponsors several special and attractive operating awards. 

The first award is the NUSANTARA AWARD
The basic requirement is to contact at least 10 different islands in Indonesia. For detailed rules and an application form please click here
The main goal of this award is to encourage amateur radio activities from as many different islands as possible in the vast archipelago of Indonesia.

For membership of IIHG, please contact
Steve Busono W2FB,
Email : w2fb (at)

IIHG would like to thank OM Dani YB2TJV for his help in designing Nusantara Award, and IIHG logo. Dani also found a printer for us and shipped the award promptly. OM Dani also helped with design and printing cost of the endorsement sticker. A special thanks also goes to OM Budi YF1AR, our webmaster, without his help the website would not have been up and running on such short notice. Many other amateurs in Indonesia and other countries have provided helpful suggestions and insights during the planning and inception stages. Thank you. And finally a special gratitude to our friends who have showed their support for this award, a big THANK YOU, you know who you are.


Adhi, YB3MM, 
Steve, W2FB
Cofounders IIHG

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