Saturday, August 6, 2016


Prefixes of Indonesia Award

1.      Rules 
1.1  Validity of contact
-    PX - INDONESIA is issued to Radio Amateurs/SWL worldwide that can prove to have made 2-way radio contacts / heard in Amateur HF bands with stations of Radio Amateurs situated on the Indonesian territory.
-    All QSOs must be done on or after August 17, 1945 (Indonesian Independence Day).
-  To identify a prefix the same rules as for the WPX award apply. For example, YB1, YB2, YC1, YC2, YD1, YD2, YE1, YE2, YF1, YF2, YG1, YG2 etc. are all different prefixes.
-  Special event callsign such as YB200T, YB71RI, 8A3B, 7A0K are also valid.
Domestic and foreign operators operating portable such as YB8RW/3 or YB8/DL3KZA are also valid. 
-    Applicants must have made the QSOs /HRDs from same DXCC Entity.
Contacts in Free Band or other non-amateur band is not valid.
1.2  Award
-    PX - INDONESIA will be issued in 3 different classes according to the number of prefixes worked/heard:
    Class 3 : For having worked/heard at least 20 different prefixes
    Class 2 : For having worked/heard at least 40 different prefixes
    Class 1 : For having worked/heard at least 60 different prefixes
Endorsement may be requested for mode (Mixed, CW, Phone, Digital) and bands (Mixed and any Single Band). If not requested, the Award will be issued in Mixed Modes and Mixed Bands.
-    PX - INDONESIA is issued in PDF or JPEG format. (Please contact Award Manager by email if request in paper award)
2.      Procedures
2.1  QSO crediting
-    The QSL cards are not required, but they must be in possession of the applicant and must be produced upon request for inspection. (by scan and sending via e-mail).
-    Claim must be accompanied by QSL card list (GCR) furnished with the call signs of stations worked, dates, times, bands, modes. Alternatively a list of stations worked with a copy of the QSL cards can be used as well. Applicants may attach the list and scans of the QSL cards.
-    eQSL, LoTW, Clublog and other electronic confirmation can be used.
2.2  Application and fee
-    Please send the application via e-mail to Award Manager
-          Stephan Busono W2FB (for DX)
E-mail: sbusono(at)
-          Adhi Widodo YB3MM (For DX and Indonesia)
E-mail: yb3mm(at)
-    For applicants without computer or internet connection, please send to Award Manager through air mail
-          Adhi Widodo YB3MM
PO Box 23, Malang 65101 Indonesia
-    PX - INDONESIA is free, and it is issued as PDF or JPEG file. (Please contact Award Manager by email if request in paper award)
2.3  Publication
-    Applicants authorize the publication of his/her data related to this Award on internet or other media
3.      Award Design

4.  Outstanding 
  1.  Class 1
001 YD7MHZ
002 YC8VRA
003 YD3KJS
004 YD8MGN
005 YC4SMD
006 YB1UUN
007 YD9DE
008 YB3LZ
009 YB1UUU
010 YC3ARY
011 YF9CDL
012 YB8UTI
013 reserved
014 YD2YQE
015 YC3BFX
016 YB8ROP
017 OM3JW
018 YC3ISB
019 YC8OBM
020 OM3CND 
021 RA6YJ 
022 OM3MB
023 S53EO
024 YB3VNC
025 YU7NW
026 YB0OKR 
027 ON4CAS
028 JA7DNO 
029 JN3SAC
030 YC6BTI
  2.  Class 2
006 YB1UUN
009 YB1UUU
012 YB8UTI
016 YB8ROP
017 OM3JW
021 RA6YJ  
026 YB0OKR 
027 ON4CAS
029 JN3SAC
030 YC6BTI 
  3.  Class 3
006 YB1UUN
017 OM3JW
029 JN3SAC